ACS New Haven, CtLocal Section

Executive Committee 2017

Chair 2017

Dr. Frank Gasparro


Chair-Elect 2017

Dr. Ana Newton


Secretary 2017

Mr. Vince Ribeiro


Councilor Jan 2016 - Dec 2018

Dr. Kap-Sun Yeung


Alternate Councilor  Jan 2015 – Dec 2017

Dr. Olivier Nicaise

Immediate Past Chair 2018

Dr. Camille Solbrig


Treasurer Jan 2015- Dec 2016

Dr. Mark Burford


 Chemistry Olympiad

 Dr. Olivier Nicaise


Councilor Jan 2018 – Dec 2020

Dr. Jerry Putterman


Alternate Councilor Jan 2016- Dec 2018

Carlos Quimbaya


 Webmaster Jan 2016- Dec 2017

Dr. Max Reeve


Committee Chairs 2016

Newsletter Editor

Jefferson Chin



Dr. David Smudin


Web Administrator 

Jefferson Chin




Chemistry Olympiad

Dr. Olivier Nicaise


National Chemistry Week

Dr. Jane Copes


Younger Chemists Committee




Call for Volunteers

The New Haven Section is always looking for volunteers! There are many opportunities that are available all the way from becoming a part of the Executive Committee to starting a committee of your very own. If you are interested in becoming active with the local section send us an email or attend a meeting!