ACS New Haven, Ct -Local Section

New Haven ACS Awards

These are the current awards that New Haven Section proudly sponsors

Kirkwood Award

This award is presented Jointly with Yale University and the Kirkwood Foundation. 

 2016 Winner Dr Jennifer Doudna



Previous Winners


Chamberland Award

The Chamberland Award is given by the Section to a chemist whose contributons have produced a proven benefit to mankind. The recipient must have been a member of the New Haven Section during the time when he or she accomplished the work.

New Haven ACS High School Teacher Award

This award is given to a teacher within the New Haven county that exemplifies science education.

New Haven ACS Innovative Science Outreach

The Innovative Science Outreach award recognizes people within the community that promotes science.

The Greater New Haven Science Fair

The New Haven Science Fair Program was started in 1995 with seven test schools. This past year over 8000 New Haven students and 43 schools participated, utilizing more than 160 volunteers for mentoring and judging. The program is dedicated to improve the quality of education, and particularly science and math education in the New Haven Public Schools Grades Pre-K through 12.